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Love Encapsulated - A Jewel of Your Journey

About tree of life

Tree of Life Breastmilk Jewelry started in 2020 during the mist of COVID.

Holly was a bedside nurse before the launch of the company which all started during maternity leave.

“I originated from North Carolina and moved to Texas in 2016

We make keepsakes with breastmilk, cremation ashes (that of human or animal), hair/fur, dirt, semen, umbilical cord, encapsulated placenta, and teeth.

I am married with two children, one I breastfed for over 3 three years and the first was one where I tried really hard with breastfeeding and pumping and  was able to provide milk during the first month of her life.

We donate yearly to Dell Childrens Hospital (Blood and cancer center) as well as other organizations including the Womens Center and the local VFW.”


Cherish motherhood with Tree of Life

Celebrate the bond with your baby through Tree of Life breastmilk jewelry.

Treasure every moment and keep your little one close to your heart.

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