Annual Donation for April

Each year in the month of April, for as long as we can and as long as this business runs, we will be donating ALL of the money that is made from sales and it will be donated to the Child Life Department through The Blood and Cancer Center at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas.

Our daughter, Adeline went through 15 months of chemotherapy for bilateral optic nerve gliomas extending through the chiasm and the globe. These tumors have caused her to completely lose her vision of her left eye. Adeline had chemo every week, three weeks of two chemo’s, then one week of one chemo and then a two week break to allow her blood counts to get back to normal from the chemotherapy.

Every hospital visit, Adeline received a toy from the Child Life department. Sometimes it was crayons and a coloring book, sometimes it was a doll, play-doh or a teddy bear, etc. Adeline looked forward to these small gifts and it made her hospital stay more enjoyable. As her parents, our heart would sink driving to the hospital, knowing that her little body was about to get chemotherapy and Adeline on the other hand was excited because she knew she was going to get a toy, it was something she looked forward to and still does for all of the appointments that she continues to have even after treatment has ended.

We, here at Tree of Life Breastmilk Jewelry, want to be able to help provide funds to the department that helped Adeline while she went through chemo. We want to help make hospital stays better and we want to put smiles on the children’s faces. No child should have to endure pain or cancer but sadly it does happen.

Please know that we appreciate you and your purchase that is made and especially during the month of April as April is the diagnosis anniversary month, because the money goes straight to the Child Life Department. Thank you to everyone for your generous support!

Holly Lara

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