Chiropractic Care for the Family

If you are in the world of breastfeeding, I imagine the beauty of the human body is

not lost on you. After all, we (as women) have the distinct ability to grow, birth, and

nourish a whole new life. How miraculous is that?

The human body is incredibly powerful. If we take care of ourselves, provide

proper love and care for our bodies, then our bodies will provide us with so much

in return! Chiropractors, in particular, understand and honor the power that is the human body. It’s the whole premise behind our profession.

How do I know if chiropractic is right for me and my family?

Well, it’s easy. Ask yourself one simple question: Do I have a spine and a nervous system? If you answer yes, then chiropractic is for you! Dentists specialize in teeth, optometrists specialize in eyes, and chiropractors specialize in spines and nervous systems (among other things such as joint health, nutrition, etc…. But that’s another post for another day).

What can chiropractic care help with?

This is no simple answer. But the simplest version of this answer is: almost

everything. Why? Because your spine and nervous system are directly connected

to every function of your body. This is something I could talk about at great length.

However, for now let’s just talk about a few key things you may see a chiropractor

for in the stages of life associated with growing our young families.

Pregancy Receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy can have profound

benefits. Among those are pain relief, balanced pelvis (which is important for so

many reasons during pregnancy, birth, and post-partum), and less overall

discomfort. Prenatal chiropractic care is also associated with easier labors and

less unnecessary interventions. Check out for some great research

pertaining to chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Post-natal recovery After giving birth, we expect our bodies to go on with life as

though we didn’t just grow an entire new human and bring them into the world.

That alone is a LOT for our bodies to handle and overcome. Keeping your spine

and pelvis aligned can help you recover so much easier and quicker (especially if

you received regular care during your pregnancy as well). If you’re going to have

to be responsible for a whole new life (or multiple little people), why not give

yourself every bit of help you can physically?

Infants Childbirth is hard on mom, but it’s taxing on baby, too. If you’ve never

watched a baby be born, you may not realize how rough birth can be on their little

bodies. And after it all, we expect them to be sleepy, snuggly, perfect little angels.

Usually, they are! But, they may also display many subtle (sometimes not-so-

subtle) problems that can easily be addressed with chiropractic care. Poor sleep.

Trouble nursing. Difficulty moving their head side to side. Stiffness. Gas. And the

list could go on. Most of the time, these issues can be resolved quickly and gently

with proper chiropractic care. Again, check out for some fantastic

research. Nursing. For a new mom, nursing can be challenging enough without hiccups to start the journey. Maybe baby is having trouble latching, or is uncomfortable at the

breast, or is favoring one side. All of these things can be simple, but greatly wear

on a new mom trying to figure out the new job of breastfeeding. A very gentle

pediatric adjustment can alleviate many of these issues and create an easier, less

stressful nursing relationship.

**I must say, helping nursing moms is one of my favorite things to do in my

chiropractic practice. It is such a blessing to have fed all of my babies, and helping

other mothers do the same is incredibly rewarding. This is why wearing breastmilk

jewelry is so special to me. It’s a great reminder of what our bodies can do, and a

special momento for moms to have forever, long after their nursing journey ends.

General pediatric needs As our babies grow and develop, they create regular

stresses on their systems. Crawling, standing, walking (and falling a lot in the

learning process) can be hard! Pediatric chiropractors can help your child meet

these milestones with ease by keeping their spines aligned and their nervous

systems working properly.

What other kinds of things can chiropractic care do for my whole family?

Aside from the typical aches and pains often associated with seeing a chiropractor

(we love helping with back pain, but we are so much more than that), we can help

you with a myriad of health and wellness needs. Immune boosting, anxiety, sleep

problems, fertility issues, ear infections (yes, for the whole family!), just to name a

very select few. Remember, your nervous system is directly related to every

function in your body…so it’s no wonder that chiropractic care can have an effect

on all these things.

How do I find the right chiropractor for me and my family?

Sometimes it’s trial and error. Just like we don’t always like the first dentist we see,

or a certain obstetrician doesn’t fit our needs, it’s okay to have preferences when it

comes to your health care. In general, just ask questions and be open to trying a

few different chiropractors if necessary. Find a chiropractor near you and call their

office. Ask what techniques they do, and if they can explain them. Ask if they have

special training in certain areas (prenatal, pediatrics, etc.) and what that training is.

Much like you wouldn’t seek prenatal care from a medical doctor who specializes

in geriatrics, you may not want to see a sports focused chiropractor for your

perinatal and pediatric needs.

When do I need to see a chiropractor?

Ideally, chiropractic care should be a routine thing. For some people, that’s weekly,

and for others that may be every few months. Societally, it’s considered normal to

see a dentist every six months to a year just for checkups, and it’s normal to see

an eye doctor every six months to a year for checkups…chiropractic care should

be no different. After all, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: our spines and

nervous systems are directly related and vital to every function of our body. So, it

should be a no-brainer that we regularly see a chiropractor. However, if you are

focusing on a specific problem you may need more frequent care to begin with.

We understand that wearing braces on our teeth doesn’t provide an overnight fix,

and we understand that wearing glasses for a day doesn’t fix our eyesight. Spinal

care is no different. We stress our bodies and create a lot of wear and tear, and it

can’t always be fixed with one visit to the chiropractor.

If I can encourage you to incorporate one thing into your routine as we head into a

new year, I would strongly encourage you to add chiropractic care to your regular

schedule. The benefits are vast, and usually seeing is believing. I’ve yet to meet

many people who regret seeking chiropractic care, but I regularly meet people

who wish they had sought care sooner. Make your health a priority. Invest in your

body, as it’s the only one you have to live in.

Happy New Year!

In health,

Dr. Kristin Loomis

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