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Our Story

Welcome! My name is Holly Lara. I have been making breastmilk and cremation ash memorial jewelry for a couple of years. Before I began making keepsakes, I worked as a post partum/newborn nurse (which is where I first learned of breastmilk jewelry)! I live in Texas with my caring husband who is a disabled veteran and my two beautiful children.

Not long after I had my second baby, I had made myself a breastmilk ring and a breastmilk necklace! I was in love with my creation!! I had immediately posted it on social media and I began to receive messages from other mamas asking me to make them a piece of jewelry with their breastmilk. I felt so honored to make pieces for these mamas! 

Right before I was due to return to work, my three year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She went through 15 months of chemo and ended up kicking cancers butt! We are so proud of her!

At the time of her diagnosis, I knew that I needed to stay home and not return to work. I had just had a baby, Covid was just really starting out, and my daughter was about to start treatment. I was a complete mess. Since I didn’t go back to work, I had to bring in some kind of income, so I took a leap of faith and turned my new found love for making milk jewelry and turned it into a business! I am so honored to have you here taking a look at my website. I hope you find something that you love and allow Tree of Life Breastmilk Jewelry to turn your journey into a stone! 

Thank you! 

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