Dear Husband of a Breastfeeding Mom

First of all, congratulations on expanding your family! Children are so amazing, each and every one of them! Now, lets get to it. You are a Dad! This is probably one of the coolest things you get to experience in life! Sure, you have done some bad ass things in the past but now, you have a child! Your whole world has completely changed!

Now, if you are reading this, its quite possible that your significant other is breastfeeding, how amazing is that!? No matter how long she breastfeeds-one week or 3 years, (pumping is breastfeeding too) she is a bad ass! Breastfeeding is no easy fret. It is time consuming and it takes a toll on her, mentally, physically, emotionally, in all ways more than just that. It might even be one of the hardest things that she will love the most! (All moms are bad asses, even those that decide to not breastfeed for any reason they decide.)

But what is all of this meaning for you? How do you take part in this journey? Pregnancy is hard! Your partner, has grew and birthed a baby! Then right after that, she is in pain, physical pain, right after having a baby! Then she is expected to feed yalls new baby! What can you do as a dad of a breastfed baby? SUPPORT!!

When you are there, bring her water close, put her favorite snacks within reach, make sure the phone charger and phone are right there. Hand her the remote or even a book or magazine. She might need a blanket, a fluffed pillow, heck even a foot massage! If she is pumping, help with washing bottles and pump parts. Then don’t forget about what the baby needs, bring the diapers and wipes, a change of clothes because I guarantee baby will soon have a blow out!

Moms are expected to do so much, we have so much on out plate and its stressful. One might think that it must be so easy to just stop what you are doing and then sit and “relax” to hold baby, feed baby and have someone bring everything you need. But its actually hard! Especially when you rely on asking for things when you are feeding a baby, pumping or even nap trapped.

Most importantly, be present and be supportive! Tell her how much she means to you, help around the house, let her take a nap without the baby so she can actually get some rest, give her a meaningful forehead kiss and remember to let her know how much you love her and how proud you are of her!

Then of course, you can always get her some breastmilk jewelry!!

Signed, a breastfeeding mom!

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