What is breastmilk jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry, also known as milk jewelry, is jewelry that has a stone made out of your precious breastmilk. I turn your milk into a stone using a very special process. The piece will represent your journey, if was easy or hard, even if you had to supplement or use donor milk, or if you were a just “enougher”, Even if you took a boat load of supplements or use medications to help induce lactation. No matter what you went through, your journey is unique to you as will also be your breastmilk jewelry!

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The turnaround time is up to 14 weeks (as of March 1st, 2022) from when I process your inclusions to when your order is put in the mail.

 Inclusions are picked up on Saturdays. Inclusions are processed on Saturday and Sundays. Occasionally, we will pick up and process milks during the week but it is typically done on the weekends.
 If you order a piece with leftover milk on hand, the TAT is 3 weeks until it goes in the mail as long as the piece is on hand. If the piece you have ordered is not on hand the TAT will be about 5 weeks (this is not exact, it does depend on when it comes from the jeweler).
 *Turnaround time can change due to unforeseen circumstances. Any changes will be announced through the facebook group as well as the banner on the homepage of the website which is found at the top of the page.

If you order a mailing kit, you must send it back within 90 days or the tracking number on the label will expire and it cannot be used for mailing. 

For all orders:

Include a slip of paper with the ordering name and order number

Use a bubble mailer and send by First Class, it comes with tracking


Please send 5mls of fully thawed out breastmilk (room temp)

Double bag the milk using breastmilk storage bags. No zip lock bags.

Cremation Ashes:

Please send 1/2 teaspoon of cremation ashes. Double bag the ashes using ziplock style bags. Any unused will be send back to you. No tape please.

Dirt: Please send a scoop of the soil and we will use what is needed and send the rest back. 


Please send hair in a plastic bag with no tape. Send at least 20 strands, preferably kept together with a small elastic. It is ideal to tie an elastic to the hair and cut directly behind it. Any unused will be returned to you.

Umbilical Cord:

Please send a portion of the stump. Any unused will be returned to you. No tape please.


Please send 1 enclosed capsule. Place in a plastic bag such as a milk storage bag. No tape please. Any unused will be returned to you.

Tree of Life

P.O. Box 369

Luling, Texas, USA 78648

 Inclusions are picked up on Saturdays. Inclusions are processed on Saturday and Sundays. 

Breastmilk: Please send 5mls. Please double bag in breastmilk storage bags. Do not use tape.

For ashes: Please send 1/2 teaspoon. Any remaining will be send back to you.

Placenta: Please send one capsule, any remaining will be send back to you.

Umbilical Cord: Please send a little chunk, any remaining will be send back to you.

Dirt: Please send in about a small hand full. Leftover will be sent back to you. Please double bad in ziplock bags, no tape please.

For hair: Please send at least 20 strands, a nice little chunk. It is ideal to tie a small elastic and cut behind it so that it is bundled together. You can also use a bread tie or yarn. Please do not use tape for the hair. The lighter the hair in color, the harder it is to see. Curly hair is a bit challenging to work with but it can be done. The strands need to be about 1-2 inches long and preferably the same length. Any remaining will be send back to you.

Inclusions are picked up on Saturdays. Inclusions are processed on Sundays. 

I recommend that you get your ring sized by a professional jeweler. If you take your ring to get resized after it is made by me, I am not responsible or any damages that occur.

I also cannot be held responsible if your order the wrong ring size. No two stones will be the exact same even with the same milk.

Birthstones can have some variation in color as they are naturally made. You will have one week to contact me after your jewelry is deliver to notify me of any issues.

Any items that are engraved and/or in a solid gold setting or/or contains genuine diamonds or genuine birthstones cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or returned.

You are now in the waiting period. The waiting period also known as the drying period. I create pieces based on the date the inclusions are processed. Please remember that the turnaround time is 14 weeks.

Worldwide! I am based in Texas, USA, however, my clients are from all over the world!

The preservation process is chemically done, the final color will alter from the original color due to the preserving process as well as any medications or supplements that you may take. The preservation process leaves the stone a white appearance with some slight variations.

I work with 925 sterling silver, rose gold filled, yellow gold filled and rose and yellow gold plated. I also work with solid golds with genuine diamonds.

I work with breastmilk, cremation ashes, hair, umbilical cord, placenta, teeth, dirt, and male DNA.

There is no way to refund you the difference when a coupon is not used at checkout.

If you have a coupon and you have trouble using it, please reach out to us before placing your order.

Email at or call 512-430-1886.

I keep the leftover preserved milk for one year from the preserved date. I place all leftover milk in a mylar bag with a silica packet and each one is stored in a dry and cool environment.

I do ask that you do not send the last of your milk, ashes, hair, etc. Packages could get lost in transit and possibly not arrive. I do not want your precious inclusions to become lost in the USPS world. Please do not send anything that can’t be sent again.

Since your piece is handmade with your own inclusions, I cannot take a return. Please be sure that you are selecting the color, size and style that you want. No two stone pieces will be the exact same. You can cancel your order within 12 hours of your purchase. You will have one week after receiving your piece by mail to contact me about any issues.

I am not responsible for mail that is delayed, damage, lost, or stolen. I am not responsible for any fees deemed by customs. If you have an issue with your delivery, please let me know immediately and we will file a claim with USPS.
Please be sure to add shipping insurance to your order, this is available in various amounts.

This is a anti-tarnish strip. You can put this strip directly in the jewelry box that comes with your order. This strip works to absorb sulphides and other pollutants in the air that will cause tarnish to occur. 

We do work with male DNA (semen). For this jewelry, you will add a mailing kit to your order and you will send the preserved semen to us.

You will follow the directions to preserve the semen from your own home and send it to me in the prepaid mailer. I will turn the preserved semen into jewelry and I will send the remaining preserved semen back to you along with your order.


  1. Fill a small or medium sized pot halfway with water and add a pan on top, covering the pot. Turn heat on medium, when the water begins to boil, measure out 5 mls of the male DNA and using the syringe, squeeze onto the pan.
  2. Quickly add the entire package of powder to the DNA.
  3. Using a soft kitchen tool, such as a silicone mixing spatula, mix the powder with the DNA.
  4. After about 30 seconds to a minute, the mixture will become a paste. Once it sticks to the silicone spatula, that is when it is ready to take off the pan.
  5. Using a silicone spatula, take the mixture and spread on the parchment paper. It may be gummy like (this is totally okay). Try to spread it out.
  6. Allow mixture to dry. Place in a Tupperware container with the lid on top but not fully closed.
  7. After three full days, place the mixture without the parchment paper in the rainbow mylar bags. You may break it up to fit in the bag. Please add the silica gel packet and seal the mylar bag. Place mylar bag in a breastmilk storage bag.
  8. Place the bag in the bubble mailer.
  9. Place in your mailbox or drop off at a blue drop off location with usps.

Any other questions not answered:

Please call: 512-430-1886