How to choose a milk donor

After I had my second baby I quickly learned that we needed to supplement and or use donor milk. Mateo lost 10% of his weight before we left the hospital and continued the first few days. I felt horrible, I was not making enough milk and my baby boy was hurting because of it. 

Thankfully, I matched with a sweet lady named Chelsea. She was a true blessing. We met 2-3 times a month, mostly on Monday. Mondays were chemo days for Adeline. Adeline was going through chemotherapy for brain cancer. Chelsea made Mondays better for us. I can never thank her enough! 

1. Does anything prevent you from donating to a milk bank?

2. Do you take any medications including lactation supplements, prescription medication and/or over the counter medications?

3. Do you consume alcohol?

4. Do you participate in any illegal drugs?

5. Do you use tobacco products?

6. Have you had any vaccines in the last 12 months?

7. Do you have a history of any blood conditions such as HIV or hepatitis?

8. Do you have any animals in the home?

9. Do you consume dairy, soy or gluten? (This might be more for those with babies that have special dietary considerations.

10. Can you tell me about your process of storing milk?

Of course there are many other questions that you may ask. These are just a few to consider. 

If you find a suitable donor, what are some things that you can give for the milk donated?

1. Milk bags! (Be sure to see if they have a preference or if they are a long term donor, see if y’all can agree on a specific brand.)

2. Pump parts! These get replaced often and it might would be beneficial for you and the donor!

3. Lactation supplements such as cookies or brownies! My personal favorite is from Cookies, Then Milk! (My favorite from here is the quick boost edible chocolate chip cookie dough!)

4. Breastmilk Jewelry! Choosing a beautiful necklace or ring would be such a heart warming gift! Tree of Life Breastmilk Jewelry has many options to choose from! 

Ask your donor what you can do for them to male it easier. Pumping is hard work! Your donor might not ask for anything but doing something nice for them even a thank you card and their favorite candy is a considerable option as well!

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