How to read the excel sheet:


First column– Name

Second column– Order number

Third column– Your order information

Fourth column-If it is blank, it has not been ordered yet.
If you see numbers/letters then it has been ordered. If this area is in yellow, the jewelry blank has arrived.

Fifth (last column)– If it is blank- your inclusions have not been received yet.
-If you see a date-your inclusions have been received.


***If your name is in DARK GREEN, this means it is currently being worked on and you can expect to get a shipping notification in a week.

***If you see the color GRAY, this means you have milk on hand that is being used for your order. If the jewelry is not on hand, you will see a date in the 4th column of when it is received from the jeweler. 

***If your row is in RED, this means I’ve sent you a message or email regarding something for your order.

***If your whole row is in GREEN, your order has been completed and by this time you will have received tracking information. 

***If your name and order number is ORANGE, this means you have more than one item in your order and it will be shown on separate lines. If the whole row is orange, then you have more than one order that was placed at separate times.

You can view that information here:!ArTxZmqmIK3lgVMxhr8E3OeE-cnF