The beginning and before.

Before I made my very first piece of breastmilk jewelry, I was working as full time registered nurse specifically on the postpartum/newborn unit. I absolutely loved my job! It was my favorite field of nursing that I had worked in. Side note… I had heard of breastmilk jewelry while working as a maternity nurse.

Backtracking a bit, I had my first child in 2016. Adeline, my sweet beautiful girl, we waited till the birth to find out the gender! Click here for the piece name after her! Right after delivery I had to be taken back for emergency surgery due to postpartum hemorrhage. Most of it was a total blur, last I remember was the Dr going elbow deep (well…that’s what it seemed like…) to remove the clots and try to stop the bleeding! Needless to say, I didn’t get the golden hour, skin to skin after birth and with the major blood loss (even requiring 3 bags of blood…) my supply had already went for a nose dive,

I tried breastfeeding and honestly felt like the hospital pushed formula. At that time I was not very well educated in breastfeeding and to this day I regret not trying harder and I regret not trying to learn more before the birth,

When I became pregnant with my second, Mateo, after working and learning more about breastfeeding, I knew that I wanted to do it myself too, I longed for the bond and the moments shared with my newborn baby.

I was more prepared the second time and although supply was an issue again, I was taking boat loads of supplements and also domperidone, trying everything in the books, constantly stressed to say the least. I think my supply issue was due to IGT, nothing me or goats rue could fix.

I know how special it is to want to breastfeed and its even more special when you get the hang of it, even if you are successful for one session, knowing that you tried to do it, is what really matters.

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