The delivery…

Going into my second pregnancy, knowing that I wanted to be successful with breastfeeding, hoping that I would not run into any problems and knowing more about how to breastfeed, I thought that it would be a breeze. By golly I was sure wrong!

Even in the hospital, my son was losing weight and fast. He was already at 10% weight loss by the second night. At the hospital, we had these yellow sheets to fill in about when the baby nursed, what side and for how long including pees and poops.

I remember Mateo nursing frequently and now that I think on it, he must have not been transferring milk all that well. I was exhausted and alone with the baby. My husband, Jr, was home with out then 3 year old. His sisters offered to watch her overnight but Jr didn’t want to intrude or mess with their schedules so he decided to stay home with Adeline while I was at the hospital.

I had worked for three nights in a row, on the maternity floor. I was contracting during my shift and I got on the monitors and thought that I would go home and shower and try to rest before coming back to have Mateo.

As soon as I got home, I knew it was already time to go back. The contractions were getting stronger and quicker. As my husband and I went to the hospital, me-contracting… he decided to go through the drive thru at Popeyes to get the new chicken sandwich they were selling! Ya’ll I am not even kidding! We didn’t have a Popeyes in our town, so he just had to stop and get a sandwich!

Fast forward a few hours later, I delivered my son, my baby boy Mateo. He was the sweetest little boy I had ever laid my eyes on! I was in love! My husband had to leave right after that, I don’t even think I had delivered the placenta yet before he had to head out. But at that point, it was okay, I was just so happy to have my little boy in my arms finally!

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